Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hi r.e.m. fans

Today's article will be a bit of a continuation of yesterday's article, but in most ways it will be different. R.E.M. has played in many different venues over the years. In 1983 they played in the basement of a country club in Syracuse. That same year, they played at Shea Stadium opening up for Joan Jett and The Police. Just two years later they were the headlining act in places as big as Radio City Music Hall in the United States and Ahoy in Rotterdam. To me 1986 was big turning point for r.e.m. in terms of venues. They started playing amphitheater's and larger places. In 1984 and 1985, they played mainly theaters or college's. But in 86 they started playing in different places, including college's. Here are some examples: Dallas 1985 venue: Bronco Bowl, 1986 venue: Fair Park Bandshell. Los Angeles 1985 venue: Greek Theater, 1986 venue: Universal Ampitherate (now Gibson Amphitheater). In 1987 they even played a few arenas including Chrisler Arena in Ann Arbor. 1989 was there first arena tour but they also mixed in a few smaller laces here and there, especially over seas. They actually played a ballroom in Edinburgh. They played at G Rollie White Coliseum at Texas A&M. But 1989 was r.e.m.'s last tour that they would play college's. 1995 was all amphitheater's and arenas, as well as '99. They actually did play a couple college campuses in 2003, including George Mason Center in Fairfax, a place that they played at in 1987. Here in Dallas they played Reunion Arena in 95 and 89, but the past two times they've played here it was at the much smaller Nokia Theater. I'm not saying that they don't play big places anymore and i'm not saying that they don't play small places anymore either. Nokia Theater only holds 3,000 but they played there in 2003 and 2008. They also played Madison Square Garden in 2008. Anyway, that's just my opnion. If you have anything to say about this article please leave a comment. I'll post a new article tommorow and then a show the next day

Monday, April 12, 2010

Favorite places to play

Hello again r.e.m. fans

I live in Dallas and have seen r.e.m. twice. I can say that they are by far the best live band in the world. Being a collector of r.e.m. shows i've been able to listen to them play in many different venues, big and small. I've heard them play in many different cities whether it be Los Angeles California or Farmingdale New York. When you've heard them in so many different places, you can start to pick out the ones that it seems like they favor. Sometimes this is based on the venue, sometimes on how mcuh the owner of a club wanted them to play or would pay them (in the early days), but most of the time it was based on the crowd. I can say that Ottawa is probably not there favorite place to play (see The R.E.M. Timeline 1985 section for further explanation). Overall i'd like to say that they like to play in Texas more than most other places, but I can't. Here is why: 1983 Air Force Witchita Falls 1983. Well, I won't get in to much detail, but lets just say in an interview, Peter said that they booed so loud that they came out for an encore! Fair Park Bandshell Dallas 1986. Stage so small you could practically walk on it. Packed General Admission crowd that wouldn't stop pushing. Stipe kept having to tell the crowd over and over again to step back. Some places, based on the mood of the show and how much they play there and stuff like that, are places that they probably like to play. Oklahoma City The Bowery 1984. Packed general admission crowd that kept pushing. But instead of saying step back, Stipe says after the second song: Okay we're taking requests tonight (after a few requests someone shouts let us on stage) Stipe: Okay you guys can get on stage. Anyway, I just find it interesting that sometimes they play in front of the worst crowd in the world and keep having to tell them to step back and stuff, and other times they's play for the worst crowd in the world, and invite them to dance on stage. Anyway, that's my opinion. If you have anything to say about the discusion please leave a comment!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Post

Hi fellow r.e.m. fans. This blog will have a bunch of cool stuff such as r.e.m. articles and rare r.e.m. shows!

I thought that I might as well go ahead and post a show so here it is:
9-15-84 The Bowery Oklahoma City
I have a large r.e.m. collection and out of all of my 1984 shows this show is...unique. It's in an old place that I think is just an abandoned church called The Bowery. Common opening songs on the 1984 tour included songs like Radio Free Europe, Femme Fatale, and Second Guessing. But this show didn't start with any of those. In fact it started with a song that they played once on the whole tour. That song would be Route 66. In the encore of this show they play a unknown song and it's the only time it's ever been known to be played. It's actually pretty good sound quality considering it was recorded in the middle of a packed crowd in a fairly small place. Anyway, enjoy!
01 Route 66
02 Wolves, Lower
03 Harbourcoat
04 Time After Time
05 Femme Fatale
06 Sitting Still
07 Pilgrimage
08 Hyena
09 Talk About The Passion
10 Seven Chinese Bros.
11 So. Central Rain
12 Just A Touch
13 Pretty Persuasion
14 Kohoutek
15 9-9
16 Wind Out
17 Old Man Kensey
18 Radio Free Europe
19 Moon River
20 ?
21 Ghost Riders In The Sky
22 We Walk
23 Little America

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