Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Hi r.e.m. fans

Today's article will be a bit of a continuation of yesterday's article, but in most ways it will be different. R.E.M. has played in many different venues over the years. In 1983 they played in the basement of a country club in Syracuse. That same year, they played at Shea Stadium opening up for Joan Jett and The Police. Just two years later they were the headlining act in places as big as Radio City Music Hall in the United States and Ahoy in Rotterdam. To me 1986 was big turning point for r.e.m. in terms of venues. They started playing amphitheater's and larger places. In 1984 and 1985, they played mainly theaters or college's. But in 86 they started playing in different places, including college's. Here are some examples: Dallas 1985 venue: Bronco Bowl, 1986 venue: Fair Park Bandshell. Los Angeles 1985 venue: Greek Theater, 1986 venue: Universal Ampitherate (now Gibson Amphitheater). In 1987 they even played a few arenas including Chrisler Arena in Ann Arbor. 1989 was there first arena tour but they also mixed in a few smaller laces here and there, especially over seas. They actually played a ballroom in Edinburgh. They played at G Rollie White Coliseum at Texas A&M. But 1989 was r.e.m.'s last tour that they would play college's. 1995 was all amphitheater's and arenas, as well as '99. They actually did play a couple college campuses in 2003, including George Mason Center in Fairfax, a place that they played at in 1987. Here in Dallas they played Reunion Arena in 95 and 89, but the past two times they've played here it was at the much smaller Nokia Theater. I'm not saying that they don't play big places anymore and i'm not saying that they don't play small places anymore either. Nokia Theater only holds 3,000 but they played there in 2003 and 2008. They also played Madison Square Garden in 2008. Anyway, that's just my opnion. If you have anything to say about this article please leave a comment. I'll post a new article tommorow and then a show the next day

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  1. Hi, I see that you didn't continue with this blog. However, I try to contact you this way with a question: do you have a recording of the R.E.M. gig in Rotterdam Arena on 0ct 3rd 1985? I was at this show, had a tape of it, but my tapeplayer ate it ages ago. Tried to find a new copy since then, without success. Can you help me? please contact me at marcelpullen@gmail.com. Thanks very much!